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Case Studies

Explore our diverse range of case studies to understand how our strategic approach and innovative solutions have contributed to the success of various projects. Feel free to click on each case study to delve deeper into our impactful collaborations.


Member Management - eGov for ICSI

Created a robust application that empowered ICSI members globally to access and create their profiles. The platform also facilitated efficient management of points and training resources.


Process Digitization - eGov

Successfully digitized the advertisement process for recruitment at ICSI. This streamlined approach enhanced the efficiency of recruitment advertisements, ensuring a seamless and paperless experience.


UI Development - eCom for US Based Client

Contributed to the development of a captivating UI for a US-based marketplace. The platform served as a peer-to-peer trading platform for used items, enhancing the user experience and visual appeal.


Process Digitization - US based NGO

Implemented Microsoft applications to digitize the daily operations of a US-based mental health organization. This initiative significantly improved operational efficiency and data management.


Revamp ERP - UK based Telecom

Led the end-to-end revamp of ERP systems for a UK-based telecom company specializing in fiber optics for B2B services. The revamped system catered to multiple service providers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient business process.


Microsoft Implementation - US based SAP Company

Implemented MS Projects for a US-based SAP company, streamlining their project management processes. Our solution enhanced efficiency and collaboration, ensuring seamless project execution within the SAP framework.


Payment Integration - E-commerce Website, Hyderabad:

Successfully integrated a payment gateway for an e-commerce website based in Hyderabad. This integration streamlined online transactions, providing a secure and smooth payment experience for customers.


Madhupushpam - E-commerce for Cosmetics Company

Crafted an engaging e-commerce platform for a cosmetics company. The website boasts captivating graphics, compelling content, seamless payment integration, and social media connectivity. The result is a digitized shopping experience that reflects the brand's essence.


PraaniMitra - Online Guide for Pets and Stray Animals

Developed an online guide, PraaniMitra, catering to pet owners and animal enthusiasts. This end-to-end listing platform offers valuable insights and information, simplifying the search for appropriate services. From comprehensive listings to user-friendly interfaces, PraaniMitra stands as a testament to our commitment to meaningful website development.


e-Gov Initiative - Maharashtra Housing Lottery Event

Successfully managed the end-to-end project for organizing the housing lottery event for the Government of Maharashtra. This involved meticulous coordination of resources, documentation of processes, and effective team leadership to ensure a seamless and compliant event.


Public Awareness Campaign - Civic Engagement Project

Successfully executed a public awareness campaign as part of a civic engagement project. Managed communication with stakeholders, coordinated resources, and ensured the campaign's success through strategic project management.

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